We are counted among the brilliant manufacturers and suppliers of Briquetting plants. It is also a simply process of converting agro waste, forestry waste and industrial waste into Biomass Briquette or Bio-Coal or White-Coal. It is the best renewable energy project to make profits from agro-forestry waste and to produce Green Energy, to save the Global Environment. The awareness of using bio-coal is biodegradable and non-conventional that is raising day-to-day with the conventional fuel cost.

Energy is the attribute in economic development of the country. By the turn from of the century our requirement of energy will increase rapidly as well as resources are limited which has resulted inside the universal recognition of the need to tap renewable energy from non-conventional sources. One of the most significant characteristics of a fuel is its Calorific Value, that is the amount of energy per kg it gives off when burnt.  The calorific value can accordingly used to calculate the competitiveness of a processed fuel in a given market position.

The Governments of many countries have announced succession of Incentives (Income Tax, Depreciation, Sales Tax, VAT and Excise Duty) and Tax Benefits for promoting biomass briquetting project for installing such plants to the entire printers engaged in developing alternative energy source. The quick possibility of the project within a time frame of two years makes it more investment friendly. Our Biomass Briquettes offer many benefits over traditional fuels like Coal, Wood Chips, Green Wood, Nut Shells, Rice Husk and various husks, fines and fibers. 

Some distinguished benefits of Bio-Mass Briquettes.