When bearing in mind to buying briquetting machine, many questions arise in mind related to it. Here Jay Khodiyar has put the efforts to give answer that questions.

Can I mixed only water or other chemicals are needed in making briquettes

No. Manufacturing of briquettes through Jay Khodiyar briquetting machines does not require any binder or adhesive

What is the requirement for storing briquettes?

Briquettes have to be stored under roof or shaded area which are free from humidity and have to be kept at normal temperature. The best option is dry and ventilated places.

Are there any hazard components emitted during briquette burning process?

Each burning process has emitted fumes and residual ash behind it but in briquette burning process generating ash and fumes are less than 2 to 3%.

How can briquette compete with regular charcoal

Briquette compete on basis of its advantages like

  • Long lastings
  • Environment friendlys
  • Clean fuel energy
  • Encourage forest gradation

What safeties are associated with briquette production activities?

Workers should wear hand gloves, masks, safety boots, ear plugs and glasses during process which help to save them from smoke inhalation, hot furnaces and any other injuries.

What types of briquettes are available?

  • Biomass Briquette
  • Wood Waste Brikette
  • RUF Briquette
  • Charcoal Briquette
  • Peat Type Briquette

What is the shape and sizes of finished briquettes?

We offer briquetting machine that manufactures briquette in three size 90mm, 75 mm and 65 mm. These machine finished products contain cylindrical shape.

Are briquettes customizable?

Yes, briquettes size and shape is customizable as said by clients.

How many workers are required?

We offer many types of equipment that are easily handled by one technician and five untrained workers per shift.

Which condition applied to the raw materials quality?

The raw materials that would be briquetted are to be in dry powder foam and having particle size less than 15mm.

Does Jay khodiyar provide customer support?

Jay Khodiyar has wide team of specialists which provides well-timed and proper customer care services. If any problem happens after set up our briquette machine plant than you can call us on 0281 2367512, +9176000 00018, +9176000 00019, +9180000 00076 or mail us at sales@jaykhodiyar.com. We will definitely help you.