We are counted among the most well-known manufacturers and suppliers of Briquetting Plants from Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Biomass Briquetting Plant is a process to convert agricultural wastage, forests wastage and industrial wastage into Solid Fuel or Bio coal. It is a small project to make excellent quality of Briquettes from any type of waste material. In short we can explain it is machinery which is accomplished of binding any agro-forestry and industrial waste in to Refined Briquettes or Bio-coal or White coal. The product Briquettes is a substitute to conventional fossil fuels and can be used across varied manufacturing facilities such as boilers, furnaces.

Bio-Briquette is an ecological, natural solid bio - fuel which helps to reduces pollution, contributing to Greener Environment and save worthy foreign exchange. Briquetting works on the basic concept of Wealth from Waste. Agricultural waste is converted to solid bio - fuel by farmers through installing of The Briquetting plantJay Khodiyar Machine Tools is counting among the India’s top most company in Renewable Energy Technology field with proven track records. We want to supply to eco-friendly world through non-conventional energy.

The use of Biomass Briquettes has been day by day increasing as industries realize the benefits of decreasing pollution through the use of biomass briquettes. Briquetting is a process of fuel manufacturing system from agro wastes like groundnut, cashew nut shells, saw dust, coffee husk and cotton stalk etc. The Wastages from these sources are raw material of this project and the finished product is called Briquettes. These briquettes are formed in cylindrical firewood or logs using high mechanical pressure without the use of chemical or ring binder. As we know very well regarding importance of Fuel. It is the spirit of all industries. At present time, there is a shortage of Coal, natural gases, kerosene and diesel etc. These agriculture and forest wastes can be recycled and can provide a renewable source of energy by converting biomass waste into high density Fuel Briquettes without addition of any ring binder. This recycled fuel is beneficial for the environment as it conserves natural resources.

This project is act as "Renewable energy from waste." It gives us the Bio-coal or Biomass Briquettes or White Coal from the wastages of Agro, Forestry and Industrial. Every year million tons of agricultural waste are generated. These are either destroyed or burnt inefficiently in their free from causing air pollution. Handling and transportation of these materials is also very difficult due to their low density. So, we provide the solution to use this wastage in the best form like Briquettes. This wastage can easily be converted into high density solid fuel with the help of Biomass Briquetting Plant.

In India and other agricultural based countries, there is large quantity of raw material available of Biomass. It is the Renewable energy, eco-friendly and biodegradable concept especially for agricultural counties. The main concept of this project is to produce the bio-coal from the agro and forest wastes, to save the Global environment and To Produce Green Energy.