We are engaged in facilitating clients with a broad array of Supreme-75 Model, which is a popular machine, which can turn 800-1000 kg/hr. into briquettes and therefore matches the demand of customers who have great volumes of raw material. This machine is also supported by Hammer Mill (Powder Making Unit) that breaks raw material in powdery form that is suitable for final process of biomass production. Our Biomass Briquetting Machine is also available as a fully automated model, where it can start and stop automatically independently of the volume of raw material.

The Supreme-75 Model can produces briquettes of high quality from almost any kind of material. These are also known as Supreme-75 Model Briquetting Plant and Biomass Briquetting Plant. Our biomass-based briquette is manufactured using binder less technique, thus it is 100 % natural and free from any kind of chemical

Production Capacity : 800-1000 Kgs /Hr Depends on raw material
Finished Product Size : 75mm Diameter
Briquette Length 100mm To 200 mm
Finished Product Shape Cylindrical
Raw - Material Size Powdery
Procss Cost/Mt (Approx.) IRS.650 to 700/-
Electricity / Power
Required power connection 91 HP / 68.25 KW machine with powder mill
Practical used Amp. Load 60 –70 Amp (Approx)
Power consumption 50 – 60 Units / Hr.
Production Capacity

Depending upon the bulk density and moisture content of the raw material used, below mentioned are some of the examples

Sugarcane Baggasse : 600 to 750     Kgs / Hr (Approx.)
Groundnut shell : 800 to 1000  Kgs / Hr (Approx.)
Saw Dust : 800 to 950    Kgs / Hr (Approx.)
Rice Husk : 400 to 550    Kgs / Hr (Approx.)
Other & Mix Raw Material : 750 To 950    Kgs /Hr ( Approx.)
It can briquetted the following: Operating Parameters: