This eco friendly and biodegradable project is perfect for the agricultural based countries like India, , Sri Lanka, Pakistan and African countries as there are a vast accessibility of agro-forestry and industrial waste. And its demand is very good also in industrial based countries. It is the best project to generate revenue from agricultural, forests and industrial wastes to save the universal atmosphere and to produce immature power. The main concept of this project is to produce the bio-coal from the agriculture wastages and forest wastages which otherwise is either destroyed or burnt uneconomically in free form causing air pollution.

We cannot fling or throw the waste completely, but can be used as renewable source of energy by converting biomass waste into high density bio fuel briquettes with the help of Briquetting Plant and produce the Briquettes, which eventually produce the energy. Briquettes are made from agricultural or forests waste, which can effectively, used as best substitute of any fossil fuels like Coal or Wood and it can be easily use various kinds of thermal applications.

Energy is the best factor in the economic development of every country. The necessity of energy is rising gradually and the provisions of sources are narrow. It is worldwide red alert for fossil fuel like Petrol, LPG, Kerosene, Natural Gas and Lignite etc. This has made a huge gap between the demand and supply of energy. Renewable energy is the ultimate solution, which can fill this gap. Most of advanced countries has adopted this concept, accepted this project and have retained their natural resources to get the solution of energy and fuels.

The feeding of raw material in this project is provided to us through waste. This biomass briquetting project is working with 40 to 90 HP powers in different types of models, it requires minimum 1000 Sq. meter space to work and store the materials. During this project demand of Finished or Refined Products is rising day by day in the market. Even Government of many countries declared Incentives (Income Tax, Depreciation, Sales Tax, VAT and Excise Duty) and Tax Benefits for promoting this project for installing such Briquetting Plants time to time.

We can say that "To provide Pollution or Smog Free Atmosphere in minimum cost is the major perception of this project." Social Benefits of This Project: